About Me

I am STicker, short for StockTicker, and I have finally decided to become an aktive day trader. I've learned the last year as much as possible, started to paper trade, watched endless DVDs and of course always kept a close eye on the market! But now I wanna get down to business! You can stick with me on TwitterFacebook and Profit.lyYou can take a look at my "TOR" (transcript of records), if you wanna see my accomplishments.



"...just a regular guy, sells his car and starts trading..."

Of course many people ask me "Who am I exactly". Before I start to go into answering the question, I just want you to forgive me, if my english does not represent itself in the good writing style of a native speaker, I am european.


I am a young Austrian man on his way to his PhD in earth science. But I quickly found out that this passion will probably not provide me with financial freedom at any time. I actually started to be interested in the stock market during my years at the federal commercial academy at age of 14 but at the time it seemed to risky for me, besides the lack of money. Even after I have graduated as "Manager and Controller" I had my doubts about the possibilities in the stock market, so I just kept it on plain paper until I lost interest in it. The internet revolutionized trading, and somehow it got back to me, maybe the countless geological up- and down-trending settings I have seen have redirected me.


So I caught up on knowledge as much as I could, watched tons of DVDs, read several books, traded on paper, studied the market and often asked myself why do I not invest with real money? Quit simple to answer. My account balance did not allow it. So what should I do? I told myself, if I wanna change my life drastically, therefore I have to do something drastic.


The only way for me to have enough money to start day trading was to sell my only (beside my bicycle) way of individual transportation, my car. So now the time seems right and I am on the beginning edge of my hopefully up trending part-time job, day trading! I want to become the best “Trading-Challenge-Student” of Timothy Sykes!



"Nothing in life worth having comes easy!"

Theodore Roosevelt



"Aim high to get high"

Some people ask me, what it is I actually want to change. I mean I have a paid job where I can work on my PhD, I have a wonderful girlfriend, I am healthy and I have already travelled the world when I was 20 years old after working my butt off as assembly-line worker!


Financial freedom is just one aspect which is driving me. My overall intention, my motivation to read all this books and to watch all this hours of DVD's, is real freedom. Everybody defines it differently and as many people I  have my own vision. My dream is my self designed, custom build sailboat, where I can travel the world and explore every bit of it with my friends and family, where I want & when I want! The flexibility of trading would help a lot!


To me, owning my own sailboat, a vessel where I can go anywhere, is true freedom to me, of course, only if I have enough green to finance it. So that is my actual goal, that is what is moving me towards penny stocking, but how much money would I need to accomplish it?


As an educated business man I have to think about my "sales funnel". My sailboat would roughly cost about $800,000, which means I have to aim for over $1 Mio. before taxes.  So how to get there? Take a look at my "Quest".


Best regards