Raising Capital

I know first hand, that it is not easy to raise some capital to get even started as a trader if you want a good broker. I have just finished my master degree, and there is not so much money on the side. I also do not have $12,415 Bar Mitzwah gift money as HE did, and I certainly do not have parents who loan me $11,500 like HIS because HE had only $1,500 of its own money! But thats NOT MY STORY!


So what to do? Of course I did not want to loan any money neither from my family, friends nor from any bank! And who would crowd-found a person with no track record in trading? Should I wait any longer and miss more and more opportunities, like the last years where I studied and paper traded? Of course I couldn't wait any longer!


So I looked through my assets I had, and the only thing I could think of, where I probably can raise enough money so I can at least open a decent trading account, was my car

So I had to sell my loved BMW F20 (116d) from 2011. Please don't start nagging now, "how can you effort such a car" or stuff like this, prices in Europe are much different as overseas, and of course it was second-hand!


I am really missing the feeling of driving such a great car, the comfort, that manual gear, but okay, that is my oblation, so I can fulfill MY DREAM! 


Due the bad exchange rates at the moment, thanks to the EZB (European Central Bank), I have only gathered roughly $ 11,000.--. At least it is enough to open my accounts at my brokers.


Best regards