A quick overview of what I study, what I use, how I use them, what works for me and how I look and think about certain topics!

Trading Platform

Based on a long research and given the financial market situation, I wanna be with the biggest affordable broker, and not any offshore one. Through this selectivity I do not go with Suretrader even if it would be good not to have the PDT rule on my back. Secondly I want to have a broker which has also a solid availability of stocks to short, also hard to borrows and a good option trading platform and very economic fees. So my final conclusion was that only IB (Interactive Broker) full-fills my requirement. You can also check out this opinion of BEST BROKER by HIM.


So this is the first hard part for every beginner. You have to dig through a lot of information so your learning curve starts growing then. Just read my comments of the recommended BOOKS and DVDS and decide for yourself what you wanna focus and study on. I can only provide the information of my personal experiences with it! But I what I can recommend right away, which will not be wast of money nor time, which cut my learning curve drastically and helped me to focus unbelievable better is THIS, THIS and THIS!

Technical Analysis

I am just introducing the basics of technical analysis and how you can use it, and a basic understanding why it works. This is not a complete guid in any way, you have to read BOOKS and watch DVDS. As you see the statement of Theodore Roosevelt HERE, you have to put time and a lot of hard work to it so you can even become a bit successful! Do not forget 90% of traders loos money and nearly 98% of new traders blow up their accounts within the first 6 month! You need patience!

Candlestick Charting

Candlesticks are the major key role if you wanna take trading seriously. And there is only one person you can really learn everything there is, because he brought it to the western world. Steve Nison is the master guru out there, and his courses are worth it as you see HERE. I can only show basics, so get a good overview and how I use them, but through legal rights I cannot show to much insights!


"A catalyst is a cause that increases the rate of the market reaction". This can go from hype of several chatrooms, "real" news, press releases, conferences calls, new product releases, CNBC or other TV presences and of course my favorites, newsletter e-mails of those various and sketchy boiler rooms which can be summarized with the super name of stock promoters.