Candle Sticks


Candle sticks are a wonderful tool for technical analysis. With one glimpse you see the price movements. Historically they were developed in Japan and mainly used for the rice market. Steve Nison, brought this knowledge to the western world and he is defiantly the guy you should learn from as I have shown you here. The candle sticks represent a price movement for a given time period. We have the wicks (upper and lower shadows) which represent the furthest reach of the price during this time period (high and low). The size of the body is defined by the opening and closing price, during that time period. The tricky part is the colour. If the close is higher than the open the body is green, otherwise it is red.

Candle Stick Patterns

Here are just a few of the candle stick patterns. If you truly wanna understand them, READ the book of Steve Nison, or watch all of his DVDs (as I did). It is just a 42h education for life long knowledge! So START NOW!