First of all I am not a GURU, but I know where to find knowledge for little money. It is important that you understand that you do NOT have to buy all (or any) of the things I have listed below! I mean, don't do anything illegal or go cheap on your trading education "if it has no price, it often has no value",  but just think twice before you invest your hard earned money!


For example I borrowed most of the stuff I gained my education with. For instance libraries, yes, real books (!), you read for free in a silent environment or rent it for some time! So, instead of buying a book for $80 you pay 30 Cents per day, even if it takes you 10 days to finish it, you saved $77! I used to write down all things that seemed important to me, which helped my learning curve and saved me a lot of space in my bookshelf too!


Nearly the same goes for DVD's. In Europe it is not so easy to find most of them, but I got very lucky on Ebay and other private, national exchange markets. But BE AWARE of fakers (!!!). If there were none available or they were still to expensive for me, I asked people if they would wanna share the price and watch it together. 

My 11 favorite  DVD's! - Best way to study!

#1: This is by fare the most comprehensive guide you get, from someone who turned nearly nothing into millions!


#2: This DVD is long, but it shows amazing strategies with many life trades - best way to learn!


#3: This is one is a continuation and just goes hand in hand with #2!


#4: This focus on "what moves stocks", very well organized, and excellent presentation! A real MUST!


#5: This will make you money in penny stocks for sure, easy patterns - even if crazy presented, but if you can read between the lines - you are on track! 

#6: This will get you really into government documents, and how to really dig through company documents! Not simple but awesome!


#7: This gives you the structure you need (at least it provided it to me)! Specific for penny stocks and the classic "Dump and Pumps"!


#8: This guide gave me the tactics I needed, after I have understood the basics!


#9: This provides you with a research guide for company fundamentals, important if you are going long!


#10: This is the only real available comprehensive guide for short selling, a great tool, not only in bear markets!


#11 Thisthis and even more THIS are the ultimate continuations if you really want to get the hang of the market! 


Great DVD's for your spare time!

There are an endless amount of DVD's out there. I only present those I have PERSONALLY watched and I truly can recommend, that they provide a valid input. I know it might seem fishy, that all are available on the same website, but it is the only site on the whole internet, where VERIFIED traders show every one of their trades and this puts trust in their expertise! Look at my profits!


Japanese magic of trading, true penny stock basics, which I only recommend for those you never had to do anything with stock before. For those newbies it is so important that you learn tape reading and how stock promoters operate. Get your day structured and focused on a special niche e.g. biotech, more biotech and get a feeling through this and this conference and of course live commented trading!


Books I can recommend so fare...