Every research starts somewhere. The point where I start is always the same, regardless what the market does.


1) I check the biggest percent gainers on Yahoo!, StocksToTrade, and Interactive Broker.


2) I check the chart if it is one of my most successful technical setups, based on my spreadsheet statistics.


3) I briefly check the company ( float, cashflow, number of employees etc.), and if it truly fits and


4) I "waste" some time to briefly check the "why", which kind of catalyst made it moving.


5) Then I have to decide if it will be a day trade, chart trade or swing trade.



6) When I have done all those steps, I make up my trading plan.FIRST I determine my risk. How much I am willing to loose, where to I get out! Based on that I conclude my position size and profit taking plan, as I prefer to cash in some profits along the way, to better manage my emotions. It truly makes you more comfortable if you know you already have a profit, and your size is smaller.


Thats it, there is really no secret to it you just have to go through the process, over and over and over and over again...


Research sites


FINVIZ for Scanning listed stocks, OTCMARKETS to screen for OTC plays, THE STOCK MARKET WATCH for pre- and afterhours