Transcript of Records was founded by Timothy Sykes & Michael Mosseri, and is at the moment, at least in my opinion, one of the best platforms if you want to be a "transparent trader"! Covester would be an alternative, but my broker is not connectable with it, so I stick with! 


So what is it about? You can verify each and every trade (gains and losses), comment your thought and watchlists and most importantly you can interact with other traders so I can become a better trader!


You can FOLLOW me and my trades, you SEE WHAT I trade, and if you read my comments and watchlists, you will get a clue WHY I trade a certain stock!


Down below you can find what is in play at the moment. Use it to study, WHY those certain stocks are played! You can learn from the gains but ALSO from the losses! You can analyze your trades HERE, if you want, but again, it is a money issue.


If you want you can follow any of these GURUS, they all are young, they seem to have experience and proven their knowledge (by making millions in the stock market), but you have to invest some  money to join one of these PLANS.


 Stick with me!

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